Poindimié beach and lagoonPoindimié beach and lagoon
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9 best things to do in Poindimié

To reach the lush green and blue paradise of the east coast, traverse the central mountain range of New Caledonia. As you journey onwards, the scenery transforms into a tapestry of verdant landscapes and glimpses of traditional huts from the roadside. Welcome to Poindimié, a haven of Kanak tribes and a realm of nature-based adventures! Whether it’s hiking along the GR® Nord, paddling to Tibarama Island in a kayak, diving into the UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon, or embracing the daily life of the locals, Poindimié offers an array of unforgettable experiences.

But there’s more to discover. Here’s a curated list of the must-try activities in Poindimié.

Dive in the barrier reef

Poindimié is renowned as a top scuba diving destination. Its rich marine life and vibrant coral reefs attract divers from across the globe. You can explore the UNESCO-listed Barrier Reef with the guidance of experienced instructors.

Spend a day on the Tibarama islet

For an authentic and secluded island experience, venture to the east coast’s tranquil islets. Setting out from Poindimié, rent a kayak and make your way to Tibarama Island. Upon arrival, don your snorkelling gear to explore the lagoon’s colourful seabed.

Immerse yourself in Kanak culture

with a tribal welcome

Embrace the essence of Kanak culture by staying with a local tribe near the Central Range of Grande Terre. Experience a day in the life of the tribe, participating in activities such as carving, Pandanus leaf braiding, bougna preparation, and a visit to the Napoémien valley.

Hike the GR® Nord

The GR® Nord, a long-distance hiking trail spanning 86 km, winds through the communes of Ponérihouen, Poindimié, and Touho. The Poindimié segment takes you through serene valleys, lush rainforests, tribal communities, and agricultural landscapes. As night falls, local tribal refuges open their doors, offering insights into Kanak customs.

Kayak down the Amoa river

Experience the beauty of the east coast’s landscapes from a unique perspective by kayaking along the Amoa River. You may even encounter tribal residents on bamboo platforms during your journey. This adventure can be self-guided or with the assistance of a local guide.

Bathe in the Napoémien river

The eastern side of Grande Terre boasts a network of rivers. Near Poindimié, the Napoémien River offers idyllic spots for a refreshing swim. Located along the GR Nord, the Saint-Thomas waterfall is a short 30-minute drive from Poindimié’s centre, followed by a 30-minute walk. It’s a serene spot nestled amidst niaoulis and pine forests.

Relax on the Tiéti beach

Tiéti Beach, with its picturesque location, is the perfect place to unwind. The Hôtel Le Tiéti offers bungalows that provide easy access to the beach for leisurely strolls, sandy relaxation, and sunset cocktails. Picnic areas are also available.

Savour a local buffet

Indulge your taste buds with a visit to the popular buffet at Hôtel Le Tiéti. Overlooking the lagoon and adjacent to the beach, the buffet offers an array of dishes, including freshly caught seafood and other local delicacies.

Try the local Bingo

Participate in a local tradition known as Bingo Calédonien, a lively tombola experience that’s a must-try on the island. Beyond the grand bingo halls of Nouméa, the best way to immerse yourself in this festive atmosphere is by attending a local festival in one of the Caledonian bush villages. In Poindimié, opportunities abound to join in the festivities year-round.

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Welcome to the iconic capital of the East Coast! With its numerous Kanak tribes and its exceptional diving spots, Poindimié offers a compendium of New Caledonia. Explore this hidden gem on New Caledonia’s east coast and make your journey a remarkable one