Bridge on the road to HienghèneBridge on the road to Hienghène
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Top East Coast Experiences

Exploring the East Coast is an invitation to delve deep into bountiful nature and Kanak traditions. With its tropical forests, hospitable communities, and endless lagoons, the eastern stretch of the Central Mountain Range offers an authentic off-the-beaten-path experience. The region between Thio and Hienghène is sparsely populated, allowing you to savour the scenery and connect with locals under optimal conditions. Among the activities that await, make sure not to miss hiking the GR® Nord, refreshing river and waterfall swims, tribal encounters with the Kanak people, a scenic drive along one of Grande Terre’s most beautiful coastal roads, and, as the highlight of your trip, crossing the Ouaième River on the last operational ferry in New Caledonia. And that’s not all! Check out our top East Coast experiences!

Cross the Ouaième river on the ferry


Whether by car or on foot, take the last operational ferry in New Caledonia to connect Pouébo to Hienghène. Against a backdrop of lush mountains, this Ouaième River crossing offers moments of tranquillity and awe, perfect for capturing stunning photos.

Follow the ‘Corniche’ road


With mountains plunging into the ocean and a dramatic road lined with beaches and rocks, the “Caledonian Corniche” (coastal road) stretches from Pouébo to Hienghène. It’s a photographer’s paradise!

Take a refreshing dip at Tao waterfall


From the northern road to Hienghène, gaze up at the imposing 100-metre-high Tao waterfall. A 30-minute climb rewards you with panoramic views of the lagoon and inviting water basins for a refreshing swim.

Kayak along the rocks


After admiring the impressive rock formation from the road, rent a canoe or kayak from the Hienghène nautical base to get up close to the hen-shaped rock!

Spend a day on the islets

Hienga, Tibarama, Tiembouen

Craving an authentic desert island experience? Explore the East Coast’s secluded islets, perfect for day trips with snorkelling opportunities aplenty.

Dive the barrier reef of Poindimé

Poindimié is renowned for scuba diving, attracting divers from around the world with its diverse marine life and vibrant coral. Dive in with an experienced instructor!

Immerse yourself in Kanak culture

Hienghène, Touho, Ponérihouen

Staying with a tribe provides unforgettable memories. Learn ancestral fishing and basketry skills and immerse yourself in daily tribal life, creating lasting connections.

Hike the GR® Nord

from Touho to Ponérihouen

Traverse from tribe to tribe, through the heart of the Central Range, along this long-distance hiking trail. It promises both athletic challenges and breathtaking encounters with locals.

Kayak down the Amoa River


Paddle down the Amoa River alone or with a local guide. Discover the East Coast’s landscapes from a fresh perspective amid tranquil, lush surroundings.

Swim in the Napoémien river


Waterways crisscross the mountains of Grande Terre’s east coast. Near Poindimié, the Rivière de Napoémien offers perfect spots for a refreshing stopover. On the GR® Nord, the Saint-Thomas waterfall is a 30-minute drive from Poindimié’s centre, followed by a 30-minute walk through niaouli and pine forests, leading to this serene spot.

Picnic on the Moara beach


Play Robinson Crusoe on this beautiful, crescent-shaped sandy beach! It’s a wild and authentic destination, perfect for spending a day with picnics in the shade, swimming, and snorkelling.

Explore the nickel mine


The Plateau de Thio mine is the region’s oldest and the only one open to the public. Monthly visits are organised, complete with a traditional tribal meal, offering a taste of local cuisine and a chance to connect with the locals.

Paddle along the Forgotten Coast


Embark on a real adventure with a multi-day sea kayaking excursion along this uninhabited stretch of land. Experience an incredible sense of freedom and escape amidst pristine wilderness.

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Immerse yourself in a grandiose natural setting at the heart of the Kanak world! With its verdant mountains, welcoming tribes and GR® North trail, the east coast is a mysterious and authentic destination…