Kayak tour of the drowned forest at the Rivière Bleue Provincial Park in Yaté, in New Caledonia's Deep South.Blue River Provincial Park, Yaté
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Land of Adventure

Yaté, located in the southern reaches of New Caledonia, is an adventure-filled land celebrated for its nature reserves, rugged coastline, and remarkable biodiversity!

Yaté boasts diverse landscapes, including wet and dry forests adorned with columnar pines, tree ferns, pandanus, and orchids, as well as lakes and rivers. Situated on the east coast overlooking Grande Terre, this southernmost commune is a haven for hikers, mountain bikers, and off-road vehicle enthusiasts. Notably, it is home to New Caledonia’s largest provincial park, the Parc de la Rivière Bleue. Explore the top experiences in Yaté and find practical information for your visit!

From Nouméa, the easiest route is to take the Route du Sud (RP1) to Mont-Dore, then head towards La Coulée and branch off towards Rivière Bleue (RP3, signposted on the road). Follow the road to Yaté, passing the Rivière Bleue park (1h), then the Yaté dam. Another fork leads to the Chutes de la Madeleine (1h30). Continuing along the RP3, Yaté-Village is in your sights. Don’t miss the magnificent viewpoint before crossing the Fausse-Yaté. Although it’s possible to take the bus to reach the center of Yaté commune, once you’re there you’ll find it extremely difficult to get from one point to another, as the area is very sparsely populated. We therefore advise you to rent a vehicle from the outset.

Yaté hosts the unique Enercal hydroelectric power station, providing power to SLN’s Nickel plant and, to a lesser extent, public distribution. Distinctive as the only one of its kind globally, this hydroelectric dam integrates four types of dams. Standing at 60 meters in height and extending 640 meters in length, with a base thickness of 9 meters, it is an engineering marvel. The Yaté artificial lake serves as a reservoir, supplying water to the dam.

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