Nouméa's Amédée islet and its lighthouse as seen from a helicopter flight.Îlot and Lighthouse Amédée, Nouméa
©Îlot and Lighthouse Amédée, Nouméa|Marine Reveilhac

Amédée Lighthouse


Have you ever been curious about that enchanting white speck amidst the turquoise lagoon, visible from Nouméa? It’s the Amédée Lighthouse, situated on îlot Amédée within a protected marine reserve. It calls out to adventurers in pursuit of escape, beauty, and tranquility. On this island, a myriad of activities awaits those desiring a day filled with enrichment and excitement. Step aboard and let your emotions sweep you away!

Located to the south-southeast of Nouméa, the Amédée Lighthouse is easily accessible, just 40 minutes by boat. There are two boat alternatives available: the taxi-boat or the Mary D ferry. Several companies operate the crossings to îlot Amédée from Port Moselle in the city centre or the ports near Baie des Citrons and Anse-Vata. The Mary D agency offers one-way, round trips or day packages, which include various on-site activities, entertainment, and a sumptuous Oceanian buffet. Stay attuned to your senses throughout the journey. Your guide will provide valuable insights about the islet, the lighthouse, and the surrounding marine reserve!

  • To avoid crowds, consider visiting during the week.
  • Bring closed shoes (coral beach) for a comfortable stroll.
  • Photography enthusiasts, remember to use UV filters for your cameras; the light at the Amédée Lighthouse is very bright.
  • As a marine reserve, specific conservation measures apply: no fishing, touching turtles, disturbing small sea creatures, or collecting shells are allowed.
Top 5 things to do at Amédée Islet

While the history of the lighthouse itself is intriguing, the Amédée islet possesses additional remarkable features! This small island, spanning 400 meters in length and 270 meters in width, showcases sandy beaches, indigenous vegetation, and, most importantly, a safeguarded marine zone thriving with diverse corals and tropical fish! Armed with only a mask and a pair of flippers, you might encounter sea turtles, striped surgeonfish, clownfish, and stingrays.

Here are 5 activities to partake in for a memorable day at Amédée Lighthouse:

1. Go scuba diving or snorkeling

Amédée Island: A gem close to Nouméa
Amédée Island: A gem close to Nouméa
Amédée Island: A gem close to Nouméa

New Caledonia has earned a reputation as a haven for divers, attributed to its favourable weather conditions and diverse array of dive sites. The UNESCO-listed Caledonian lagoon, catering to both beginners and seasoned divers, is an ideal destination. Whether you opt for scuba diving or snorkelling, the Marine Protected Area around Amédée Lighthouse is sure to enthral you. Blue Caledonia Diving provides diving baptisms and snorkelling excursions departing from Nouméa, while Mary D offers snorkelling equipment rentals.

2. Indulge in the Mary D buffet

Indulge in the perfect beachfront lunch, where turquoise waters set the stage for an unforgettable experience. Mary D’s day trip to the Amédée Lighthouse features an enticing all-you-can-eat buffet infused with delightful Oceanic influences. Beneath the shade of filaos and coconut palms, long wooden tables present a feast of Pacific culinary treasures, including Tahitian salad, papaya, shellfish, grilled meats, and more. Elevating the gourmet experience, savour the moment with a Polynesian dance show—the tamouré—adding a touch of cultural richness to your meal.

3. Climb to the top of the Amédée lighthouse

Soaring proudly at a height of 56 metres, the Amédée Lighthouse graces the islet with its commanding presence. Inaugurated on November 15, 1865, it holds the distinction of being the last remaining metal lighthouse in France, surviving the destruction of its near-twin, the Roches-Douvres Lighthouse, in 1944. The panoramic view from this unique architectural gem justifies the climb, with nearly 247 steps leading to its summit. Notably, it holds the title of the world’s tallest metal lighthouse. From the top, relish in the breathtaking vistas of the lagoon, the reef, and the Grande Terre mountain range. As you peruse the lighthouse’s explanatory notes, you’ll gain insight into why it holds a protected status as one of New Caledonia’s historical monuments.

Iris Caledonian DreamIris Caledonian Dream
©Iris Caledonian Dream

So much for the 247 steps to climb to reach the top. The panoramic view at the top of the lighthouse is incredible, and we even got a naked-eye view of a group of baby sharks and turtles.


4. Mail your postcards from the Island

Surprise your loved ones by sending postcards directly from the lighthouse itself! Adjacent to the quaint souvenir shop, which boasts an array of charming items and cards, a dedicated mailbox awaits on the beach. Your card will be stamped with the official “Phare Amédée” postmark.

5. Relax and capture beautiful photos

Relax on the beaches of îlot Amédée, where soft sand and crystal-clear waters beckon you to unwind in the shade. Enhance your comfort by renting deckchairs and embrace the occasional presence of shy striped sea snakes at the water’s edge, capturing stunning photos of the local flora and fauna. For those feeling active, a leisurely walk through the islet’s tropical vegetation is a must. Indulge in swimming, snorkelling, kitesurfing, diving, and stand-up paddling in this island paradise.