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10 best things to do in Poum - Koumac

Embark on an extraordinary journey to the northernmost reaches of New Caledonia for a charming change of scenery! In this untamed, semi-arid expanse, the allure of being at the world’s edge permeates the atmosphere. Nature beckons with remarkable activities, unveiling breathtaking landscapes that intertwine grottoes, coral reefs, and uniquely shaped mangroves. The Poum-Koumac region, steeped in mining history, bears the imprints of mineral exploitation, offering the chance to explore an ancient chrome mine and its vintage village. With a strong maritime focus, the locals warmly invite you to savour their specialty fish and share their fishing expertise.

Jump on an unforgettable adventure with our curated selection of the best experiences in Poum and Koumac!

Caving in Koumac

Immerse yourself in the magical realm of caves carved by subterranean rivers! While the initial grotte de Koumac opens its wonders to all, it’s the second cave that truly enthrals caving enthusiasts. Equip yourself with a reliable flashlight and delve into the intricate labyrinth where the captivating interplay of rocks and ancient banyan trees unfolds—a hidden sanctuary for the bats that gracefully inhabit these caves…

Uncover the charms of Tiébaghi

an old mining village of Koumac

Visiting New Caledonia’s mines is an essential step in uncovering the intriguing narrative of the archipelago’s economic evolution. Tiébaghi, affectionately referred to as the “mountain of thunder” in local tongue, serves as a vibrant reminder of its historical role as a former chrome mining village. In the early 20th century, the fervent pursuit of ore mining left an indelible mark on the region’s landscape. Why settle for descriptions when you can find yourself in the vivid echoes of history through a guided tour? Join us, and witness the past unfold before your very eyes!

Try your hand at big-game fishing

in Poum

Poum beckons with its pristine ocean, uninhabited islets, and a vibrant underwater world brimming with diverse fish species. Dive into the thrill of big game fishing, led by a seasoned professional. This expert not only possesses a profound understanding of the area but also commands mastery over the intricate rules of fishing, ensuring an exhilarating experience on the waves.

Venturing to the far north on Nenon beach

in Poum

Travel 12 km north from the Poum crossroads, tracing the trail to discover the secluded haven of Nenon Beach. As you arrive, you’ll feel like you’ve reached the edge of the world, greeted by pristine stretches of clear sand. Nenon Beach offers inviting shaded areas, complete with convenient litter bins, allowing you to enjoy a picnic without leaving any trace of your visit.

Take a clay bath in the salt marshes

of Poum

Enjoy an unconventional mud bath amid the absorbing landscapes of salt marshes and untamed hills in the far north of New Caledonia. Amidst the scrubland and alongside wild horses, a few locals have created a unique space for a delightful and free-spirited wellness experience.

Attend the “Fête de la Mer”

in Poum

Annually, typically in June, the skilled fishermen of Poum showcase their talents at the Fête de la Mer (Sea Festival). During this vibrant event, they not only demonstrate their prowess in fishing but also prepare delectable dishes featuring octopus, crabs, and various shellfish. Seize the opportunity to unravel the secrets of crafting exquisite seafood dishes during this festive celebration!

Explore the northern islets

Embrace the allure of Tiambouenne Island, with its pristine white sand and crystal-clear waters, accessible by Taxi Boat from Malabou Beach Hotel in Poum. Whether you choose to savour a day trip or plan an unforgettable camping adventure, the shallow, untouched reef encircling the islet invites you to enjoy remarkable snorkelling sessions.

Savour the region's delicacies

Deer, trocas, spiny lobster and king mackerel: Explore the culinary heritage of New Caledonia’s northern region, where local traditions come to life through a delectable array of seafood and homegrown delights. Whether you opt for a charming table d’hôte or a restaurant setting, take pleasure in the distinctive blend of flavours that defines the region.

Diving in the lagoon

of Koumac

Eden Blue Caledonia, an affiliated associative club under the FFESSM, invites you on a scuba diving adventure. Led by voluntary diving instructors Charlène and David, the club provides scuba diving introductory and training courses, and exploratory dives in the enchanting North Lagoon of New Caledonia. Open to divers of all levels, the club offers opportunities to explore stunning seabeds, unveiling the secrets of the lagoon’s vibrant marine ecosystem, shaped by sea currents and conditions.

Experience the Koumac and North Fair

Held at the end of September, this event stands out as New Caledonia’s largest agricultural and craft gathering! Beyond the customary stalls of local producers, it showcases a prestigious rodeo along with diverse equine activities, including horse-ball, stockmen’s races, and barrel racing.

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A sojourn in the remote northern reaches of New Caledonia leaves an indelible impression on every traveller! The sense of being at the edge of the world truly comes alive in this unique locale…