Foire De Bourail Anaelle Chretien Steven Lequertier 2033 08 1562Foire De Bourail Anaelle Chretien Steven Lequertier 2033 08 1562
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Experience the Foire de Bourail

Through the eyes of a Broussard!

A must in the New Caledonian calendar, the Bourail Agricultural and Crafts Fair has been attracting visitors to the West Coast since 1977. Between 25,000 and 30,000 people flock there every year around August 15 to experience Broussarde culture in all its forms. Put on your Stetson and your blue jeans and delve into the world of the Stockmen, the cowboys of ‘The Pebble’, with their know-how, local produce, agricultural and culinary competitions, and other local events such as the famous rodeo. For three days, a western and family atmosphere takes over the Téné racecourse, where colourful local expressions fly from one stand to another, adding to the festive spirit of New Caledonia’s biggest annual event.

The Bourail Fair is usually held at the Téné racecourse, located right outside the village. It’s a 2-hour drive from Nouméa, or just an hour from Koné. So don’t forget to hire a car.

  • Ensure a smooth start to your day by departing Noumea early, beating the crowds and maximizing your time.
  • For those eager to explore the region during this time, it’s essential to secure accommodation in advance, as this period draws significant crowds of enthusiastic New Caledonians wishing to partake in this highly anticipated event.
In the shoes of a Broussard at the Bourail Fair
In the shoes of a Broussard at the Bourail Fair
In the shoes of a Broussard at the Bourail Fair

Live like a Broussard

over 3 days of festivities

For three days, the Fair pulsates with the activities and expertise of the locals from the New Caledonian bush, keen to share their traditions with the many visitors from ‘The Pebble’ and beyond. Witness shearing, meat-cutting, lively animal parades, lumberjacking, and expert butchering – a day brimming with entertainment as demonstrations, agricultural, and culinary competitions seamlessly unfold from dawn to dusk.

Experience the thrill of numerous horse races, the renowned rodeo with the anticipation building with every second, and exhilarating drifting and car demonstrations that will captivate adrenaline enthusiasts. Be sure to catch the iconic tap-dancing competition, witness the exciting Miss and Mister Foire de Bourail elections, enjoy the family funfair, and engage in other New Caledonian events to completely immerse yourself in the vibrant spirit of this local festival.

And get a taste of New Caledonian diversity

The Bourail Fair is synonymous with tasting! Sample a myriad of local products, both fresh and expertly crafted by artisans from across New Caledonia, available for tasting and purchase throughout the entire event.

Savour the culinary wealth of New Caledonia with a diverse array of local meats (venison, beef, pork, chicken, etc.), fruits, vegetables, achards, sweets, and other specialties from various communities. This gastronomic haven is a treat for foodies, providing opportunities to indulge in and stock up on a variety of local delights all in one place.

Discover diversity at the bustling stalls of artisans and craft artists, where you can find your perfect Stockman/Stockwoman outfit or a typical ‘The Pebble’ gift, all set to the animated tunes of New Caledonian music groups. An exciting programme awaits!

Save the date!

Mark your calendars for the 47th edition of the Foire de Bourail! Join fellow enthusiasts of New Caledonian Broussarde culture and gourmet products at the Téné racecourse on August 16, 17, and 18, 2024. It’s a celebration you won’t want to miss!

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