Microlight flight over Bourail, New Caledonia, with views of Roche Percée beach, the Bonhomme de Bourail, Baie des Tortues and the mountains.Plage de la Roche Percée, Bourail
©Plage de la Roche Percée, Bourail|JC Robert


Leisure destination

An essential stop on the west coast, Bourail offers a diverse range of activities, both on land and at sea. With its stunning landscapes, including Roche Percée and Poé Beach, and the welcoming spirit of its locals, this destination beckons you to explore the Caledonian “bush” while indulging in a variety of leisure pursuits. Families and adventure seekers alike will discover a wealth of experiences to quench their thirst for discovery!

Bourail is situated 117 km from Nouméa-Tontouta International Airport and 162 km from downtown Nouméa. To fully immerse yourself in the Bourail region, renting a car (available at the airport or in Nouméa) is a great option. The scenic RT1 road, stretching across New Caledonia from north to south, offers a delightful two-hour drive from Nouméa to Bourail. Alternatively, shuttle buses run from the airport and the capital, with some providing day tours from Nouméa.

The Deva Domain, spanning 8,000 hectares of coastline and dry forest, beckons with a plethora of activities on foot, horseback, in the water, or up in the air. Surprisingly, only 10% of its vast expanse is dedicated to tourist facilities, a testament to the region’s pristine environment. Poé Lagoon and its coastal surroundings are so exceptional that they’ve earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status. All the more reason not to miss Bourail during your visit!

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