Fort Teremba penal colony historic site, MoindouFort Teremba penal colony historic site, Moindou
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Built in 1871 in Moindou, Fort Teremba stands as a historical monument, bearing witness to the tumultuous stages of the penal colony and Kanak revolts. Perched atop the Unesco World Heritage lagoon, this military fort on New Caledonia’s west coast has undergone meticulous restoration by the Marguerite association. Evolving into an open-air museum, this poignant site of New Caledonian penal colony history offers a captivating and emotionally charged visit. Trace the footsteps of New Caledonia’s colonial past and relieve the daily lives of convicts within this commanding fort overlooking the New Caledonian lagoon!

Fort Teremba is located in the commune of Moindou, 1h30 from Nouméa. It can be reached either by car on a self-drive or as part of a guided day tour from Nouméa or Bourail. By rental car, take the main RT1 road from Nouméa heading north. The route to the fort will be indicated by a sign on the left-hand side of the road. After turning off, drive along the narrow road for 1 km to arrive at the free parking area.

  • Entrance to Fort Teremba is subject to a fee (reduced rates and free admission for children under 8).
  • Guided tours can be booked for groups of 4 or more.
    The Fort is perfectly suited for children thanks to its specially designed panels.
  • The outdoor areas are ideal for picnics!
  • The fort is open daily from 9am to 4pm (closed on December 23, 24, 25, 30, 31 and January 1).
Top 5 things to do at Fort Teremba

1. Explore the restored structures

FORT TEREMBA: a journey in the past
FORT TEREMBA: a journey in the past
FORT TEREMBA: a journey in the past

The carefully restored structures of Fort Teremba recreate an authentic village atmosphere, complete with a prison, watchtower, perimeter wall, and a historically accurate guillotine! Begin your visit on the second floor of the fortress, where large panels vividly depict historical events and daily life from that era. Wander through different sections of the fort, including the prison, where films and animations vividly portray the 1878 revolt and scenes from the past. The cells provide a glimpse into the challenging conditions faced by the convicts.

2. Take a guided tour

Gain a better understanding of the history of the penal colony and the west coast settlement of New Caledonia by joining a knowledgeable guide, whose lineage traces back to the convicts and settlers of that era. For groups of four or more, a guided tour can be arranged with prior reservation. It’s worth noting that special explanatory panels have been created with children in mind, making a visit to Fort Teremba an engaging and educational outing for the whole family!

3. Outer surroundings of Fort Teremba

A visit to Fort Teremba extends beyond its historical interiors—the exterior is a treasure waiting to be explored! Enjoy a scenic stroll with panoramic views of the bay and vibrant red flamboyant trees gracing the surroundings. This vantage point offers a comprehensive overview of the penitentiary’s layout and structures. Informative panels strategically placed throughout provide valuable insights into this significant chapter of New Caledonian history. Take advantage of the outdoor areas, perfect for a leisurely picnic amidst the historical charm of Fort Teremba.

4. Attend the Son et Lumière show

June comes alive with the annual Son et Lumières spectacle at Fort Teremba, drawing eager crowds. With an impressive cast of over 150 extras, the spectacle unfolds the lives of past inhabitants and the era of colonisation through a compelling plot. Witness enchanting costumed tableaux, graceful horses, and captivating circus arts, all culminating in a mesmerising pyrotechnic finale. Ensure you secure your seat in the grandstands or on the lush grass well in advance for an unforgettable experience. Stay updated on the event schedule by checking our agenda!


Opt for accommodation near the fort to eliminate the need for extended nighttime driving, a less advisable option.

5. Take part in a family escape game

Challenge yourself with the escape game at Fort Teremba (only available in French at the moment) and test your powers of observation, logic, and nerve. Can you escape from the cell block in less than an hour? Whether with family or friends, this life-sized game, provided by the Marguerite association dedicated to preserving historical heritage, promises both entertainment and education.

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Fort Teremba, Moindou


Reduced price800XPF
Group adults800XPF
Reduced price800XPF
Group adults800XPF
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