Relax at the Piscine naturelle d'Oro with its crystal-clear water, surrounded by columnar pines on Île des Pins, New Caledonia.Baie d'Oro natural pool, Île des Pins
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Top 50 unforgettable experiences

in New Caledonia

For an unforgettable stay in New Caledonia, explore our list of 50 must-do experiences during your trip to the archipelago! Whether it’s hiking on Grande Terre, diving in the UNESCO World Heritage lagoon, or sharing a unique moment with the Kanak tribe, New Caledonia promises intense and diverse emotions. Countless activities on land and at sea await you, and here are the top 50 you won’t want to miss.

Spend a relaxing day

at the Amédée Lighthouse

Just a 40-minute boat ride from Nouméa, treat yourself to a daytrip on an islet classified as a protected marine reserve. Enjoy beach relaxation, aquatic activities, an Oceanian buffet, and a visit to the Amédée Lighthouse!

Dance with manta rays

Encounter these majestic creatures with immense wings while scuba diving or snorkelling. Ouvéa and the Isle of Pines offer the best chances to witness these breathtaking creatures.

Skydive over the lagoon

Experience the thrill of skydiving over the lagoon! Enjoy spine-tingling moments and breathtaking views of the coral reef, the Central Mountain Range, and the beautiful plains.

Attend a rodeo

at a bush fair

The Bourail region is the heart of Caledonian Broussarde (French Cowboys) culture. Festivals and fairs provide a glimpse into the daily life of livestock farmers and their deep-rooted traditions.

Discover the marine environment

at the Aquarium des Lagons

An essential complement to your sea outings, the Aquarium des Lagons is an excellent introduction to the aquatic environments of the Caledonian lagoon and the actions undertaken to preserve them.

Swim in the natural pool

of Oro Bay

Don your mask, flippers, and snorkel and plunge into this turquoise natural pool surrounded by columnar pines. Marvel at the colourful fish and thriving corals—a must-see!

Paddle among the Drowned Forest trees

Let the glow of the full moon guide you on a kayak outing to the rhythm of your paddles! Extend the experience by spending the night in a bivouac in the heart of the Blue River Park.

Fly over the Heart of Voh

Witness the famous Heart of Voh from the sky, where the contours of the mangrove and striking colour contrasts are clearly visible.

Visit the Tjibaou Cultural Centre

in Nouméa

You won’t want to leave New Caledonia without visiting this cultural museum-centre with its original architecture. A commendable place to learn more about Kanak traditions and history.

Share a bougna

in a tribe

Near the Central Mountain Range, Kanak tribes open their doors for an authentic experience. Tasting bougna, the emblematic Kanak dish, is a must during your New Caledonia stay.

Dive the Poindimié barrier reef

Poindimié is renowned for scuba diving. Its diverse marine life and coral reefs attract divers from around the globe. Dive with an experienced instructor to explore these underwater wonders.

Kayak along the Brooding Hen and rock formations

in Hienghène

After admiring this imposing rock formation from the road, rent a canoë-kayak at the Hienghène nautical base to get up close and personal with the hen-shaped rock!

Swim in turquoise waters

at Mouli beach

With its white sand and crystal-clear waters, Mouli beach is the epitome of idleness. Before lounging on the beach, make your way to Mouli Bridge, the only bridge between the south and north of the island!

Sail in a traditional outrigger

on Upi Bay

Located in the south-east of the Isle of Pines, Upi Bay can be explored by traditional outrigger pirogue, amid turquoise waters and coral reefs. Turtles, stingrays and dolphins can sometimes be seen… A feast for all the senses!

Meet the whales on a catamaran

Every year between July and September, an exceptional experience awaits you: humpback whale watching in the warm waters of Southern New Caledonia. An unforgettable experience!

Visit Fort Teremba

in the footsteps of colonial history

This historic monument bears witness to the Caledonian penal colony and the Kanak revolts. Visiting the site will sway your heart strings , and its annual “Son et Lumière” (Lights and sounds) show lets you relive the atmosphere of the era.

Chill on Anse-Vata beach

Bordered by a promenade where it’s easy to stroll, Anse-Vata beach lends itself equally well to idleness and water sports. Ideal for a picnic or simply to relax.

Relax on Yédjélé or Wabao beach

Yédjélé beach offers ideal conditions for swimming and snorkelling. Equip yourself with a mask and snorkel to observe up close the coral and tropical fish that populate the lagoon. To the south of Maré, Wabao beach has all the makings of a postcard: white sand, turquoise water, coral reefs, coconut palms, columnar pines… Often deserted, it is ideal for sunbathing or swimming in complete tranquillity!

Dash across the lagoon

kitesurfing, windsurfing or paddleboarding

In Nouméa, there’s something for everyone. The many different orientations of the bays mean you can indulge in a wide range of water sports, in a translucent turquoise lagoon with year-round warm water.

Hike to the Shabadran terraces

on Maré

Adventurers will love this breathtaking 8-hour hike over coral rock. The views from the peaks and the white sandy coves where you can bathe will reward all your efforts!

Be enthralled by nature

at the Parc Zoologique et Forestier

A concentration of native species to New Caledonia, a walk with magnificent views over the lagoon, family-friendly facilities, Nouméa Forest Park is the perfect place for a breath of fresh air in the heart of the city.

Discover the stunning and hidden Kiki Beach

North-west of Lifou, discover the entrance to a small private path leading to Kiki beach, a stretch of sand at the foot of steep cliffs, stunningly beautiful yet often deserted… A moment of solace in store!

Taste local produce

at the Municipal Market

At Port Moselle, the marché municipal comes alive Tuesday to Sunday from 5 am. The colourful stalls offer a wealth of local fruit and vegetables. End the day with a coffee amidst the stalls selling local crafts!

Snorkel in the Coral Sea

in Jinek Bay

Equip yourself with a mask, snorkel and flippers and dive into the waters of Jinek Bay, a true natural aquarium where you can observe an incredible diversity of tropical fish and coral!

Admire the lagoon from above

of the Déva Domain

Not far from Poé beach, several hiking and mountain-biking trails lead to magnificent high vantage points. The feelings of escape and the 360° view of the lagoon and mountains are unforgettable.

Cross the mountain range on horseback

Experience an extraordinary adventure on a horseback trek lasting several days. As you head deeper into the Central Mountain Range, you’ll discover another facet of Grande Terre…

Enjoy the incredible bays

of Kuto and Kanuméra

Iconic of the Isle of Pines, here are two beaches that have all the appeal of a dream holiday. White sand, turquoise water, coconut palms and incredible sunsets await you at Kuto and Kanuméra!

Enjoy a lobster

with your feet in the sand

Having lunch with your feet in the sand facing the lagoon is already an incredible experience… Add to that the taste of a freshly caught lobster? Wow! Make sure you partake in this mouth-watering supper at island Moro or in Oro Bay.

Hike trails

in the Great South

Slowly, the Great South trails unfold their tracks on red earth tracks, in the heart of endemic nature. Numerous, well-developed and signposted, there’s something for everyone! Between the winding trails of the Southern Province and the GR® NC1, you’re sure to find something to suit you!

Admire cagous in their natural habitat

at the Blue River Park

The Blue River Park is home to the country’s largest population of cagous. A national emblem, this local flightless bird is best recalled for its bizarre chirp mimicking barking. Can you hear it? Embark on birdwatching tours to learn how to spot and listen to the park’s endemic birds.

Hike on the GR® Nord

from Touho to Ponérihouen

From tribe to tribe, in the heart of the Central Mountain Range, this long-distance hiking trail promises challenging cardio, breathtaking views and authentic encounters with the locals.

Paddle along the Forgotten Coast

Experience a real adventure! A multi-day sea kayaking excursion takes you along this stretch of land devoid of any human infrastructure. An incredible sense of freedom and release will seize you during this epic journey through rich wilderness.

Quad bike through the rainforest

in Sarraméa

Dirt, new sensations and varied landscapes: these are the ingredients for a quad tour in the middle of the humid forest of the Chaîne Centrale (Central Mountain Range).

Cross the Ouaième ferry

By car or on foot, head to the departure point and take the last operating ferry in New Caledonia to link Pouébo to Hienghène. Set against a backdrop of evergreen mountains, the crossing of the Ouaième River offers a moment of tranquillity and admiration, allowing for the most beautiful photos.

Fly over the treetops

on a zip-line

A zip-line ride through the canopy is the perfect activity for nature lovers and thrill-seekers alike! Just a few kilometres from Nouméa, in Dumbéa and Païta, you’ll be able to fly through the trees like Tarzan himself, in a grandiose natural setting! A perfect experience for families and friends alike.

Bathe at the foot of the Tao waterfall

From the road leading to Hienghène in the north, look up to see this imposing 100-metre-high waterfall! Climb for 30 minutes for a lovely view over the lagoon and cool off in one of the water basins…

Stroll through the Parc des Grandes Fougères

in Farino

There’s nothing like a hike to criss-cross the nature park, with its open panoramas and rainforests. The trail map will help you find the ideal route to suit your mood and level of ability.

Sail to the Southern Pleiades

in Ouvéa

To admire manta rays, turtles and fish in a setting of incredible coral rocks, don’t miss a boat trip in the Southern Pleiades including a great snorkelling session!

Take a cruise to the islets

of the South Lagoon

Imagine yourself in the middle of the Pacific lagoon, aboard a catamaran, your eyes set on the most beautiful islands in the South of New Caledonia… To bring the postcard-like image to life, consult our Sailing and navigation page!

Sip cocktails at sunset

feet in the sand

The Isle of Pines boasts several dream beaches. Among them, those of Kuto Bay and Ouaméo are perfectly oriented for admiring the sunset. Grab a drink at the nearby hotel for a delicious cocktail! In Nouméa, head to MV Lounge, the trendy bar on Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay). Ideal at sunset!

Swim with turtles

It’s common to spot sea turtles on a sea excursion, a day on an islet or from the beaches of Nouméa. Not very shy, you can swim alongside them, provided you keep a safe distance as they are a protected species.

Try your hand at big-game fishing

in Poum

The ocean all to yourself and plenty of fish under the water: the conditions are right for big-game fishing guided by a professional expert in the area!

Take part in a bush barbecue

on a ranch visit

Meet the inhabitants of the West Coast, guardians of the Broussard (French Cowboys) culture of New Caledonia, its history and traditions!

Jet-ski to the islets

of Nouméa

Ride a jet ski to îlot Canard (Duck Island) and îlot Maître! A thrilling ride and a swim in translucent waters on arrival…

Mingle with Caledonians

on Place des Cocotiers

Caledonians love to get together for a chat on Place des Cocotiers (Coconuts Square). Linger on a bench and strike up a conversation with your neighbor, a great way to learn more about the local culture!

Admire a 360° view

from Ouen Toro Park

Nouméa’s green lung, the Ouen Toro is a favourite park for joggers and walkers. As soon as the sun sets, climb to its summit to enjoy the dominating panorama over the city’s bays.

Golf at the Deva Domain

in Bourail

Come and hit the little white ball on the edge of Bourail’s turquoise lagoon! Exclusiv Golf Déva offers a magnificent course suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.

Celebrate on Nouméa's bays

Live concerts, dance parties, discotheques, cozy or festive bars… When evening comes, join in the dazzling atmosphere that reigns over the bays of Anse-Vata or Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay)!

Explore the cliffs of Lékiny

in Ouvéa

Book a guided excursion to the Lékiny cliffs for a communion with nature. Hike among magnificent cliffs, discover caves, and snorkel among vibrant marine life.

Fly over the lagoon

UNESCO World Heritage Site

What better way to gain a bird’s eye perspective than to fly over the lagoon and its coral reef? Microlights, paramotors and seaplanes share the sky as they soar above one of the great wonders of this earth! Feel the sway of the Pacific breeze as you float above New Caledonia, light as a feather.