Kiki beach on Lifou islandKiki beach on Lifou island
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Explore 16 unique places

in New Caledonia

From Hienghène to the Isle of Pines, via Nouméa, the Great South, or the Loyalty Islands, discover the must-visit destinations for your New Caledonia adventure. These serene, authentic, and exciting places are sure to create lasting memories. If you crave off-the-beaten-path travel, these New Caledonia gems are a must-see!

Kiki Beach

in Lifou

Nestled at the foot of the cliffs on Lifou’s west coast, Kiki Beach is a hidden gem. A leisurely half-hour forest walk reveals this stunning white sand paradise, surrounded by turquoise waters.

Moara beach

in Thio

Located along the Forgotten Coast in Thio, Moara Beach is an authentic cove fringed with coconut palms and surrounded by magnificent reefs. At night, enjoy stargazing due to minimal light pollution. Spend the night at a nearby campsite lulled by the sound of waves.

Tiébaghi mine

in Koumac

Once the world’s largest operating chromium mine (1902-1964), Tiébaghi is now a heritage-listed historical site. You can visit the mine once a month on a unique guided tour, followed by lunch with a local tribe.

Ouaième Ferry

in Hienghène

Discover the Ouaième ferry near Hienghène in northern New Caledonia, just before reaching the magnificent Tao Waterfall. This tranquil ferry ride offers picturesque scenery and is the last operating ferry in the region.

Moselle market

in Nouméa

In Nouméa, the Moselle Market is more than a place to buy fresh produce; it’s where locals catch up and chat. Stroll through this market to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere and sample local Pacific produce.

Koumac caves

Koumac Caves can be found in the north of New Caledonia, in the middle of a forest of candlenut, helicopter and banyan trees. Carved out by underwater rivers, the caves used to be a burial site for local tribes. Bask the site’s mysterious atmosphere as you tread carefully through these sacred grounds.

Jewels of Luengoni

on Lifou

While on Lifou, the largest of the Loyalty Islands, a visit to the Luengoni Caves is a must. Dive among stalagmites and stalactites with a mask and snorkel, experiencing a unique underground adventure.

Queen Hortense (Oumagne) cave

On the Isle of Pines, learn about the incredible story of High Chief Kaoua’s daughter, whose legacy lives on in this unique cave hidden in the rainforest.

Shabadran terraces

on Maré

The Shabadran Terraces, composed of sharp rocks, offer a breathtaking view of Maré Island from their summit. Booking an 8-hour guided hike is necessary to experience the rocky ridges and white sand coves.

Peng beach

on Lifou

Peng Beach, a haven of peace and tranquillity in Lifou, features a pretty beach and serene creeks. Its peaceful ambiance makes it the ideal spot to enjoy a sunset.

(Great Ferns Park)

Parc des Grandes Fougères

in Farino

Situated in Farino‘s “Green Station,” the Parc des Grandes Fougères (Great Ferns Park) invites you to escape into the tropical forest of New Caledonia’s central mountain range. Participate in an exciting bird-watching tour for a unique experience.

Casy islet

in Mont-Dore

Casy Islet, a 40-hectare nature reserve, was once home to Ouen Island tribes and later the Prony prison camp. Located near the Prony Needle, it offers a peaceful escape in New Caledonia’s Great South, away from city life.

(Bone hole)

Trou de Bone

in Maré

Hidden amidst vegetation, this remarkable natural 40-metre-deep hole contains a deep blue body of water. Bone Hole is a unique site to explore during a visit to Maré, the most rugged of the Loyalty Islands.

Jokin cliffs

on Lifou

Witness the sunset from Jokin Cliffs after a thrilling plunge into the crystal-clear waters below. It’s a must for any visitor to Lifou.

Poingam beach

in Poum

Experience the feeling of being at the ends of the earth in the extreme north of New Caledonia’s Grande Terre. To enjoy this unique opportunity and escape it all, head to Poingam Beach!

Tibarama islet

in Poindimié

Considered one of the most beautiful islands in New Caledonia, Tibarama Islet lies just off Poindimié in the East Coast lagoon. Explore its magnificent seabed through snorkelling or scuba diving.