Beachside camping at Yaté in the South of FranceBeachside camping at Yaté in the South of France
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in New Caledonia

New Caledonia beckons as an idyllic destination for nature enthusiasts and those seeking a perfect escape! Make the most of your visit by experiencing outdoor accommodation in a truly exceptional natural setting, all at an affordable price.

Camping in the heart of nature

Whether on Grande Terre or the captivating islands of New Caledonia, camping provides the opportunity to revel in beachside amenities or in the heart of coconut groves for an authentic experience! Outdoor accommodations are strategically placed in enchanting locations, bringing you closer to the archipelago’s most stunning landscapes. With simplicity and serenity, campsites offer a more secluded and basic comfort option, steering clear of the bustling holiday crowds. Your stay presents a choice between traditional tent camping or unconventional lodgings like safari tents, unequipped bungalows, and cabadiennes, promising a delightful and rejuvenating experience amidst the natural wonders of New Caledonia!

Camping, an ideal option for low budgeting

Opting for camping is a fantastic choice for budget-conscious travellers aiming to allocate their resources to activities while savouring their time in New Caledonia. Pitch rentals are quite affordable, ranging from approximately 1,000 to 3,000 XPF per tent. Disparities exist based on the level of comfort and amenities provided. Certain campsites offer communal kitchens, while others offer the convenience of pre-ordered meals, especially in Kanak tribal gîtes.

Can you bivouac in New Caledonia?

Although camping in the wilderness is prohibited in New Caledonia, similar to in mainland France, there are opportunities for bivouacking for a night in different parts of the archipelago. Examples include the Blue River Provincial Park, which provides facilities like toilets, tables, and barbecues in designated areas. Other options include demarcated areas along the beaches of Poé or Ouano, as well as the self-contained huts along the GR® NC1 trail. However, it’s important to note that pitching a tent on private property or customary land is not allowed without obtaining prior permission.