• Paragliding in the Ouen Toro in Noumea

    Parachuting and paragliding

It all begins on the ground, but the sensations come once you’re in the air. With a parachute jump in New Caledonia, combine gorgeous landscapes with adrenaline. Attached to an experienced instructor and professional parachutist, feel your heart drop once you take the leap. Ready for adventure?

Take the Leap !

New Caledonia has several spots for thrill-seekers. First of all in Nouméa, over Kuendu Beach, at the far end of an unspoiled peninsula. Or even a bit further from the capital, in La Foa or Bourail, over a lagoon which stretches as far as the eye can see. Whichever spot you choose, we have no doubt that you will feast your eyes.

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  • Flying over the lagoon in New Caledonia

    The climb before the leap

    Before rising high, you’ll get a brief on what to do, the rules to follow and the main steps of tandem jumping. Then, you’ll take off in a small plane that can carry a small number of pairs: adrenaline is shared in small groups! Some twenty minutes later, after admiring the bays, the ocean and the islets, you’ll be between 3,400 and 4,000 m in altitude and the show can begin!

  • Parachuting over the lagoon in New Caledonia

    The adrenaline of freefalling

    In a fraction of a second, everything comes loose in the void! Hold into the experienced instructor and make sure to keep your eyes open behind your goggles for 30 to 40 seconds of freefall. A 200 km/h fall still gives you the impression of floating in the sky, resting on a soft cushion. There’s no feeling of gravity, but an impression of absolute freedom.

  • Parachuting over the lagoon in New Caledonia

    Gliding through the air

    Once you arrive at 1,500 m in altitude, a new step begins. The parachute opens and you only need to enjoy the few minutes separating you from the ground. Depending on the wind and the instructor’s experience, you’ll still be floating above magical landscapes. You can even handle the parachute yourself, until the instructor takes over and lands you both on the ground.

  • Parachuting and free falling in New Caledonia

    According to a pro parachutist

    Maxime Dumortier from Nouméa Skydive: “In terms of sensation, a jump is always extraordinary. But as for the view, it’s incomparable to jump over the Caledonian lagoon, which is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites. Whether you’re in a plane or parachuting, Caledonian or a tourist, your reaction is always the same: Wow!”

  • Paragliding in the Ouen Toro in Noumea

    Paragliding on the wind

    To become familiar and learn how to control the paraglider, several training sessions are available. Paragliding can also be done in tandem with an instructor. For a gentle takeoff, you can fly from Ouen Toro in Nouméa or even Gadji, Dzumac, Le Mont-Dore and Poé, Don’t forget your camera and video!

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