Surf session on the Bourail coral reef near the Roche Percée beach.Surfing on the lagoon, Bourail
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in New Caledonia

New Caledonia, less than 2 hours from Australia’s East Coast, offers the perfect blend of relaxation and thrilling surfing adventures. With its mild climate, pleasant year-round water temperatures, and powerful offshore reefs, it’s a destination like no other. Surrounded by the barrier reef, New Caledonia boasts numerous passes, each with its potential surf spot. Whether you prefer to surf, longboard, bodyboard, or bodysurf, there’s no shortage of options in New Caledonia, and the surf sites are as diverse as they are uncrowded. The best waves are found near the reef and are accessible only by boat. Surfing on the barrier reef provides a unique, adrenaline-pumping experience as you conquer the open sea’s majestic waves. The West Coast offers the best surfing atmosphere and ideal riding conditions.

Experience the thrill of riding the waves on New Caledonia’s coral barrier reef and enjoy a day at sea with friends in the UNESCO World Heritage-listed lagoon!

Dumbéa pass


A short drive from Nouméa, the Dumbéa Pass is a well-known spot among locals, offering excellent surf conditions for all skill levels in crystal-clear waters. It features both right and left waves and is accessible by taxi-boat. You can also rent a catamaran for a day or multi-day excursion and explore the surrounding islets.

Top Tip

Extend a friendly greeting to fellow surfers when you arrive at a spot – it’s a great icebreaker!

Ténia islet

West Coast

Just a quick water taxi ride from the coast, the islets are idyllic havens of tranquillity and nature. From developed islets near the capital to remote islets accessible via multi-day catamaran cruises, they are a must-visit. Most of the stunning islets are located within protected marine reserves, teeming with diverse aquatic and terrestrial species.

Green and Secret Island

West Coast

Accessible via taxi-boats, Green Island (Île Verte) offers an approximately 80-metre-long left-hand wave with variable conditions that sometimes include beautiful tubes or short, fast waves, and shallow waters at the end. It’s an ideal spot for intermediate to advanced surfers. A bit further out, about a 15-minute boat ride away, Secret is one of the territory’s premier spots, featuring a long, fast, tubular left wave of approximately 100 metres, along with steep walls reminiscent of Teahupoo in Tahiti. Surfing here offers the mesmerising sight of coral just beneath your board. Finding local accommodations in Bourail is also quite convenient.

Roche Percée, La Néra and Gouaro

West Coast

The Roche Percée is the territory’s sole beach break, known for its vast expanse of grey sand, frequented by locals for picnics and suitable for beginner beach breaks with modest waves. The backdrop of mountains and La Roche Percée adds to its appeal. Slightly further away, La Néra and Gouaro are also renowned sites. La Néra offers a long, gentle wave along a sandbar at the river mouth, especially during the cool season from May to September – perfect for longboarders and beginners. In bigger swells, it transforms into an excellent spot for shortboarders. Gouaro, just a 5-minute boat ride away, offers a consistent, straight 60-metre wave suitable for surfers of all levels.

Ouano beach

West Coast

Situated 1 hour and 30 minutes from Nouméa, Ouano Beach is an easily accessible spot from the shore, offering fairly consistent waves. When conditions are right, this wave can be surfed across three sessions, and it’s generally free of strong currents, making it rideable at any tide level. Kitesurfers also frequent this spot for the flats.

Frequently asked question about surfing in New Caledonia
  • Should I bring my own equipment?

    If possible, bring your equipment, ideally two boards suitable for various surf conditions. Before departure, remember to check your airline’s baggage regulations.