Peng beach, Lifou, Loyalty Islands, New Caledonia.Peng Beach, Lifou
©Peng Beach, Lifou|Marine Reveilhac


New Caledonia

Make your travel to New Caledonia an unforgettable adventure! With its lagoon listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, its flat landscapes, grandiose mountains and preserved traditions, New Caledonia invites you on a unique journey to the heart of the Pacific. Here, the sea is a natural swimming pool, nature a garden of incredible biodiversity, culture a land of contrasts between Oceanic exoticism and French influence… With 16,000 km² of classified lagoon and 18,575 km² of preserved nature home to over 3,000 endemic plant species, the playground is immense. And just as well, New Caledonia offers a multitude of activities to take advantage of this natural, historical and cultural wealth. Postcard holidays, land and sea adventures, immersion in a Kanak tribe… On this island at the end of the world, your dreams of escape become reality!