Aerial view of the Lindéralique rocks, HienghèneLindéralique rocks, Hienghène
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Where Cliffs Meet the Ocean

Situated on the east coast of New Caledonia, the village of Hienghène is renowned for its remarkable rock formations, including the Hienghène Hen and the Sphinx. It boasts numerous enchanting waterfalls and is home to Mont Panié, the highest peak in the Caledonian mountain chain. But that’s not all! Hienghène also features New Caledonia’s last working ferry, a breathtaking coastal road flanked by ocean and cliffs, and a profoundly rich Kanak culture. A sojourn in Hienghène promises an authentic Caledonian natural experience.

To access the East Coast from Nouméa, the optimal route is to head north towards Koné (3 hours and 20 minutes) and then embark on the Koné-Tiwaka road. This picturesque route winds through the Chaîne Centrale for approximately one hour, offering numerous scenic viewpoints. From there, it’s a one-hour drive to the village of Hienghène via Touho. Although bus travel is feasible, it can be lengthy due to frequent stops. Therefore, renting a car at the outset is recommended.

Have you noticed the roadside stalls selling flowers, fruits, and local produce? Here, trust is paramount. If you’re interested in a product, simply drop the corresponding amount into the provided container and take your purchase. Another curiosity of the region is the unique mailboxes lining the roadside. Capture them in photographs for an unusual and memorable keepsake collection!

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Due to the recurrent presence of sharks in Hienghène Bay, swimming and water sports activities are prohibited on the beaches and river mouths of the municipality until further notice.

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