Aerial view of the Moara lagoon and beach at Thio, New Caledonia.Moara Beach, Thio
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A Multi-Faceted Destination

A forgotten destination, Thio has a rich history, unspoilt natural landscapes and beautiful, accessible islets. Let yourself be overwhelmed by this feeling of being at the end of the world!

Cradled away from the conventional tourist paths, Thio, just 1.5 hours from Nouméa, feels like a distant paradise… Its mountainous terrains, mining plateaus, and coconut-fringed bays create a naturally exotic setting for a unique getaway. Embraced by the local tribe, you’ll be introduced to the traditional Kanak lifestyle. Set out on a wondrous adventure, discovering islets and underwater wonders, horseback riding up the Chaîne Centrale, and reliving the bygone days of the Plateau Mine!

Located 120 km from Nouméa, the commune of Thio is divided into two parts – Thio Village and Thio Mission – and comprises thirteen tribes scattered along the river and coast. To get there by car, take the RT1 road north to Boulouparis, then from there turn off onto the road (the RP4) that passes over the Col de Nassirah (346 m). A breathtaking panorama can be seen as you descend to the eastern side of Grande Terre! Although renting a car will give you all the freedom you need to explore the region, it is still possible to reach Thio by public transport from Nouméa, with the Raï bus network.

Established in 1874, the village of Thio proudly houses the oldest mining operation in the territory. The Plateau Mine stands as a testament to the town’s historic prominence as a nickel capital and a key economic hub until the 1930s.

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