Nouméa's Amédée islet and its lighthouse as seen from a helicopter flight.Îlot and Lighthouse Amédée, Nouméa
©Îlot and Lighthouse Amédée, Nouméa|Marine Reveilhac

All things to do and see in Nouméa

A trip to New Caledonia almost always begins in Nouméa, the economic and political heart of the archipelago! A cosmopolitan capital city, Nouméa is set amidst magnificent bays on the shores of a UNESCO World Heritage Site-listed lagoon. Along with Mont-Dore, Dumbéa, and Païta, the commune forms the Grand Nouméa, which brings together more than two-thirds of New Caledonia’s population. With so much to see and do here, it’s worth taking a few days to explore its museums, savour its specialities in refined restaurants, observe the colourful fish along its islets, and immerse yourself in the vibrancy of Place des Cocotiers and Baie des Citrons. Nouméa offers a wide array of experiences waiting to be discovered!