View of Anse Vata bay and beach from the Hilton Hotel in Nouméa, capital of New Caledonia.Anse Vata Bay, Nouméa
©Anse Vata Bay, Nouméa|Terres de Lumière

The Bays of Nouméa

Nouméa is cradled by stunning bays, creating a unique natural backdrop. Notably, Baie des Citrons (Lemon Bay) and Baie de l’Anse-Vata (Anse Vata Bay) stand out as the most lively and fashionable. These bays pulse with life around the clock, providing a myriad of activities to suit every preference. Let’s delve into the charm of these two coastal treasures in the capital and discover the finest experiences they have to offer!

With numerous hotels located in close proximity to Nouméa’s bays, you have the option to stay right in the heart of the action. Situated in the southern districts of the capital, Baie des Citrons and Baie de l’Anse-Vata are easily accessible via public transport. From the city centre, you can reach them in about 15 minutes (approximately 8 km). Tanéo Bus Line N1 operates regularly between Place Moselle, the bays, and the Ouémo district. Alternatively, you can opt for a local taxi or rent your own vehicle.

Transport information:

  • By bus: Line N1 (Tanéo)
  • By cab: Taxis de Nouméa – 28.35.12 (Available 24/7)
  • Check the schedule for live concerts at the bars in Baie des Citrons and Anse-Vata.
  • Visit the Aquarium des Lagons before embarking on your snorkelling adventure at sea.
  • Treat yourself to an ice cream at Amorino in Anse-Vata or Baie des Citrons after a day of fun!
  • Don’t forget sunscreen and a hat if you’re walking in the sun.
  • If you’re trying stand-up paddle or kayaking for the first time, opt for a serene, wind-free day. If you’re not on-site, you can check out the webcam at Anse-Vata!
Top 5 things to do on Nouméa's bays

1. Sunbathing and swimming on the beach

What could be more delightful than a refreshing dip when the thermometer soars in the midst of the day? Throughout your stay, you’re sure to find a moment to relish the charm of Nouméa’s two most renowned beaches! L’Anse-Vata stretches along a lengthy two-kilometre bay adorned with golden sand. Its orientation caters to the enjoyment of both bathers and windsurfing enthusiasts, thanks to the prevailing trade winds. On the other hand, the Baie des Citrons is more intimate and family-friendly. Shielded from the wind, it boasts grassy areas ideal for a siesta in the shade or a leisurely picnic. Families, friends, locals, and visitors alike gather at the “BD” for a siesta, a game of beach volleyball, a lunch break, or a sunset aperitif.

2. Glide across the lagoon on a kitesurf, windsurf or paddleboard

Nouméa’s bays serve as perfect playgrounds for water enthusiasts! The serene Baie des Citrons provides an ideal setting for a relaxing paddle, perfect for family outings. When the trade winds pick up, Anse-Vata Beach transforms into a favoured meeting point for windsurfers and kitesurfers, navigating their way to îlot Canard (Duck Island) or îlot Maître (Master Island). Along the Roger Laroque promenade, rental establishments offer windsurfing boards, paddles, kayaks, and beginner courses. For those keen on kitesurfing, the far end of Anse-Vata, in front of the Méridien Hotel, is the designated hotspot.

3. Trendy boutiques, bars and restaurants

Lining the Roger Laroque promenade, facing the beaches, are an array of bars, restaurants, and nightclubs. For shopping, explore the array of ready-to-wear boutiques, concept stores, and craft shops, especially at Complexe La Promenade on Anse-Vata. Embrace the lively atmosphere by joining locals for a sunset drink at Baie des Citrons or relaxing on the terraces of numerous seaside restaurants. As night falls, enjoy the vigorous nightlife, dancing at venues like La Bodega or the MV Lounge complex, where you can sway with your feet just above the lagoon.

4. Day Trip to Nouméa's islets

Easily accessible from Anse-Vata Bay, îlot Canard and îlot Maître are just a quick boat ride away, with taxi-boats departing regularly, approximately every 10 minutes. Once there, observe the gorgeous marine life, snorkel, soak up the sun on a deckchair, tour the islet, engage in kitesurfing (at Îlot Maître), and experience the unique opportunity to stay in an overwater bungalow above the mesmerising turquoise lagoon at the exquisite DoubleTree by Hilton Resort (Îlot Maître)!

5. Treat yourself to a spa break overlooking the lagoon

Give way to relaxation during your stay in the capital, be it upon arrival or as a soothing conclusion to your New Caledonian adventure. Discover the epitome of luxury at hotels situated along Nouméa’s bays, boasting exquisite spas with dazzling views of the lagoon. Take a moment to unwind in the soothing bubbles of a spa and treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage. The Méridien Hotel and Château Royal present a distinguished selection of pampering treatments to enhance your wellness experience.