Peng beach in LifouPeng beach in Lifou
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Top island experiences

of New Caledonia

Nestled within a UNESCO-listed lagoon, the islands of New Caledonia offer a paradise steeped in mystery and rich in Kanak tribal traditions. From Ouvéa to Île des Pins, and across Lifou, Tiga, and Maré, each island has its unique history and awe-inspiring landscapes. Whether you’re sailing on crystal-clear waters, exploring vibrant coral reefs, or immersing yourself in local culture, your island adventure awaits!

Sail in an outrigger

in Upi Bay on the Isle of Pines

Located in the south-east of the Isle of Pines, Upi Bay beckons you to explore its turquoise waters and coral rocks in a traditional outrigger canoe. Keep an eye out for turtles, rays, and dolphins—a true marvel for all your senses!

Swim in the natural pool

of Baie d'Oro on the Isle of Pines

Grab your mask, flippers, and snorkel to dive into the turquoise waters of Baie d’Oro. Surrounded by columnar pines, this natural pool is teeming with multicoloured fish and vibrant coral – An absolute must!

Enjoy a lobster

by the sea

Lunch with your toes in the sand overlooking the lagoon is already a remarkable experience. Combine that with savouring freshly caught lobster at îlot Moro, and you’re in for a delectable treat!

Explore the breathtaking Bays of Kuto and Kanuméra

on the Isle of Pines

Kuto and Kanuméra, two iconic beaches on Île des Pins, are postcard-perfect destinations. White sands, turquoise waters, coconut palms, and mesmerising sunsets await you.


in Jinek Bay, Lifou

Gear up with mask, snorkel, and fins and plunge into the waters of Jinek Bay—an underwater haven where you can observe a diverse array of tropical fish and vibrant coral!

Discover the stunning Kiki beach


Located in the northwest of Lifou, Kiki Beach is a stunning and often deserted stretch of sand at the foot of steep cliffs—a truly emotional sight to behold!

Taste vanilla with local producers

in Lifou

Vanilla holds economic importance for many tribal inhabitants of Lifou. Visit one of the island’s vanilla plantation and take home a few pods purchased at the Maison de la Vanille!

Experience Kanak Culture

with a Tribal Welcome in the Islands

Stay with a tribe on one of the Loyalty Islands and partake in the highlights of Kanak daily life. Upon arrival, the tribal chief will perform the “coutume”, a customary gesture, a symbolic ritual essential for entering customary land.

Hike to the Shabadran terraces

in Maré

Adventurers will delight in this breathtaking 8-hour hike over coral rock. The views from the peaks and the white sandy coves where you can swim will reward all your efforts!

Relax on Yédjélé or Wabao beach

in Maré

Yédjélé beach offers ideal conditions for swimming and snorkelling. Equip yourself with a mask and snorkel to get up close and personal with the corals and tropical fish that populate the lagoon. To the south of Maré, Wabao beach has all the makings of a postcard: white sand, turquoise water, coral reefs, coconut palms, columnar pines… Often deserted, it’s ideal for sunbathing or swimming in complete tranquillity!

Sip cocktails at sunset

on the Isle of Pines

The Isle of Pines boasts several dream beaches, including Kuto Bay and Ouaméo, perfectly oriented to admire the sunset. Grab a drink at the nearby hotel for a memorable ‘sunset apéro’ (pre-dinner drinks)!

Hike to Hnimëk

to discover the Ouvéa shark nursery

This hike, supervised by a Ouvéa native, takes you to an inlet where it’s common to see lemon, white-tip, and black-tip sharks that join the entrance to the “nursery.”

Sail towards the Pleiades

of Ouvéa

To admire manta rays, turtles, and fish amid incredible coral rocks, don’t miss a boat trip in the Southern Pleiades, including a great snorkelling session!

Swim in turquoise waters

at Mouli beach in Ouvéa

Mouli Beach offers a postcard setting with its white sand and crystal-clear water—the epitome of idleness. Before lounging there, make your way to Mouli Bridge, the only bridge between the south and north of the island!

Explore the Lékiny cliffs


Book a guided excursion to the falaises de Lékiny (Lékiny cliffs) for a moment of communion with nature. Hike among the magnificent cliffs, discover a cave, and snorkel among the fish.

Dance with manta rays

in Ouvéa and the Isle of Pines

Majestic manta rays with immense wings sometimes unfurl before your eyes while snorkelling. Your best chance to catch a glimpse is on the islands of Ouvéa and the Isle of Pines!

Contemplate the mysteries of Queen Hortense’s grotto

Isle of Pines

During a guided tour, listen to the unique destiny of the daughter of Grand Chief Kaoua, who gave her name to this unusual cave buried in the rainforest of the Isle of Pines. Make your way to the well of light, a mysterious place from which a few bats can be heard in the distance.

Enjoy the view on Jokin Bay

in Lifou

At 40 metres high, the cliffs of Jokin Bay plunge into clear, fish-filled waters where you can swim with ease. Don’t miss the sunset from this high vantage point!

Leaping over the void on the Warrior's Leap


Discover the legend of the Warrior’s Leap, a must-see site on the island of Maré, shrouded in mystery. The story goes that a valiant warrior once crossed this great gap to escape his enemies.

Observe fish at the natural aquarium

in Maré

The natural aquarium resembles a pool of turquoise water carved out of coral and filled with lagoon fish—a must-see during your stay in Maré, even if swimming is prohibited!

Relax with a massage at your hotel spa

on the Isle of Pines

For a moment of absolute disconnection, treat yourself to a wellness interlude in the enchanting setting of your resort and indulge in a unique relaxation massage.

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Surrounded by a UNESCO-listed lagoon, the islands of New Caledonia are a paradisiacal and mysterious destination, ideal for a wonderful stay in contact with the Kanak tribes…