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Tribal welcome

Enhance your New Caledonia adventure by choosing to stay in the heart of a Kanak tribe—a truly unforgettable experience!

Staying in a Kanak tribe

As you journey through the ancestral lands of Grande Terre and the surrounding islands, opt for the authentic experience of staying in traditional huts on woven mats. The “accueil en tribu,” a unique tourist accommodation concept located on customary land, is exclusive to New Caledonia. These modest, genuine abodes are nestled within tribes to warmly welcome visitors, offering insights into nature, culture, and local craftsmanship. During your stay with the tribe, you’ll immerse yourself in the daily life of the Kanak people and partake in activities such as preparing a bougna feast, learning customary rituals, weaving pandanus leaves, and discovering hawk fishing techniques. Promising a deeply enriching and culturally immersive encounter, tribal stays come in various packages, with options for table d’hôtes (hosted meals) or workshops. In addition to traditional huts, some tribes offer the choice of sleeping in tents (with your own equipment) or simple bungalows. Staying with a tribe is also an economical alternative, perfect for travellers on a budget.

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Being welcomed into a tribe was an incredibly profound human experience. The custom rituals, the communal bougna feast, and the novelty of sleeping together in the same hut deeply moved me and provided a refreshing change of scenery.

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Frequently asked questions about tribal hospitality
  • How to book?

    To reserve your tribal experience, begin by perusing the list of available accommodations, filtering by location if desired. If your chosen tribe accommodation offers table d’hôtes and activities, consider securing those options promptly. It’s advisable to confirm your reservation and arrival 24 to 48 hours in advance.

    Our advice: Whenever possible, align your travel dates with local events. These occasions offer unique opportunities to share even more memorable moments with your hosts amidst a jovial and festive atmosphere. Special package deals may be accessible during these events. To simplify your booking process, reach out to local agencies or a Tourism Office.

  • What to bring?

    If you’re staying in a traditional hut, you won’t require much. For your comfort, we recommend bringing a light sleeping bag (for cooler seasons) or a camping sheet (for warmer seasons). In case of uncertainty, it’s a good idea to pack mosquito repellent lotion, your toiletries (including soap, shampoo, and towels), and flip-flops.

  • Do you need to do the Customary Gesture?

    The “coutume” involves a verbal exchange and a small gift offered to your host. Traditional custom holds great significance in New Caledonia and Kanak culture. It constitutes a code of social relations governing the daily life of clans.Doing the “Coutume” is not a prerequisite for receiving a warm welcome, as this is regulated by a charter issued by New Caledonia’s provinces. Nonetheless, presenting a modest “gift” – perhaps a souvenir from your hometown – is a thoughtful gesture that will undoubtedly please your host and convey your respect.