Guided walking tour of the Parc des Grandes Fougères in Farino, New Caledonia.Parc des Grandes Fougères, Farino
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15 best things to do in La Foa - Farino

Soak up in the wonders of ecotourism at this enchanting destination! Opting for a stay at the Stations Vertes of La Foa, Moindou, and Farino ensures genuine encounters in pristine natural surroundings, alongside locals deeply committed to environmental preservation. But there’s more to discover! From a nature park boasting an exceptional array of endemic species to sites steeped in the history of the bagne and vibrant livestock farms, the region stands out as a must-visit on Grande Terre. Whether you’re an outdoor enthusiast, a history aficionado, or travelling with family and friends, boredom is not on the agenda! Still undecided about which activities to prioritise?

Explore our guide to the 15 best things to do in La Foa and Farino!

Horseback riding

Enjoy an authentic “broussarde” adventure in La Foa, the heartland of stockmen, alongside the cowboy-like ranchers of New Caledonia. Plunge into the untamed beauty of the West Coast plains and the initial plateaus of the Chaîne through an unforgettable horseback riding experience. Whether along the coastline or inland, join a guided horseback ride to explore the terrain and absorb the true essence of the region.

Enjoy a tribal welcome and savour bougna

Experience fascinating weekends with the women of the Table-Unio tribe, who graciously invite visitors to step into their daily lives. This riveting journey into the heart of the tribe promises unforgettable moments of cultural exchange. Engage in hands-on activities such as learning the art of preparing bougna, an iconic dish in Kanak culture, mastering the skill of pandanus leaf braiding, participating in shrimp fishing, and partaking in various other activities that shape the rhythm of the inhabitants’ lives.

Hiking in the Great Ferns Park

Enter this expansive 4,535-hectare rainforest, teeming with biodiversity and boasting an exceptional rate of endemism! Traverse the well-marked trails on foot, or opt for a horseback adventure with services provided by the park’s partners. Feeling peckish? Have a delightful picnic at one of the beautifully landscaped areas, or treat yourself to a well-deserved break at the park store. As for accommodations, fret not, as there are numerous welcoming gîtes in Farino, Sarraméa, and Moindou!

Observe endemic birds

Can you discern the elusive notou perched in the branches or recognise the distinctive call of the cagou as it approaches the river for a drink? Delve into the enchanting world of the Parc des Grandes Fougères (Great Ferns Park) through year-round guided ornithological tours, providing a genuine immersion into the rich tapestry of forest sounds and melodies!

Skydiving over the lagoon

Experience an exhilarating surge of adrenaline as you soar through the sky with a parachute over the breathtaking lagoon! Unparalleled thrills await, providing a majestic perspective of the coral reef, the Chaîne Centrale, and the vast plains of West Caledonia. The Centre Ecole de Parachutisme de Ouatom offers baptêmes de l’air en tandem to discover the paired sensations of freefall and skydiving.

A voyage through colonial history

with a visit to Fort Teremba

Located in Moindou, Fort Teremba is an iconic and emotionally charged site that demands exploration! Constructed in 1871, this structure echoes the historical era of late 19th-century penal colonisation. Transformed into a mesmerising open-air museum, it serves as a poignant memorial to the penal colony’s legacy. Commanding a view of the sea, the meticulously restored main buildings showcase the rich history. With informative panels and a well-marked outdoor circuit, the visit promises a compelling and enlightening experience.

Stay in extraordinary accommodation

La Foa, a prime ecotourism destination, provides its guests with distinctive and eco-friendly accommodations. Whether it’s a chalet, bubble, treehouse, or yurt, let your sense of wonder guide you through an extraordinary nature experience!

Take the Petite Cascade trail

Hidden in the verdant region, the small commune of Farino harbours a well-kept secret! A leisurely twenty-minute stroll leads you to the end of the path, unveiling a cascade and its inviting small pools of water—ideal for a refreshing dip.

Admire the panorama

from the viewpoint of Farino town hall

Charming and elevated, Farino graces its visitors with picturesque vistas. The town hall square, doubling as the venue for the weekly market, gazes upon a landscape of undulating plains cascading towards the azure lagoon. Strategically placed benches invite you to savour the breathtaking scenery!

Swimming at the Sarraméa waterhole

In Sarraméa, enjoy a refreshing swim at Trou Feillet, also known as Marmite de Géant or Cuve de Sarraméa. Accessible with a brief 5-minute walk, this expansive pool features a natural slide for added enjoyment.

Take part in the bancoule worm festival

For a unique culinary adventure, try tasting the ver de bancoule! Traditionally savoured by the locals, this delicacy can be experienced during the bancoule worm festival, where you’ll get the chance to taste it in both raw and cooked forms. Engage in lively competitions involving the “excavation” of the worm from the trunks of bancouliers trees and daring feats of “eating it,” all within a festive atmosphere that brings together visitors and locals alike!

Visit a working farm

Plunge into the vibrant agricultural scene of the La Foa region, where breeders, farmers, and growers play a prominent role. Take the opportunity during your stay to explore a local farm, savour the authentic flavours of the New Caledonian terroir, and gain insights into the daily life and work of a Broussard farmer.

Climbing the Dogny plateau

The trail of Plateau de Dogny is a must for enthusiasts of invigorating hikes in the La Foa region. Spanning a total of 7 hours, this trek ascends to a breathtaking vantage point at 1,065 metres, providing panoramic views of both coasts of New Caledonia. The trail is adorned with picturesque waterholes and cascades surrounded by lush vegetation. As a rewarding conclusion, the Cuve de Sarraméa awaits, inviting you in for a refreshing swim.

Walking around the village

Enrich your journey with a delightful pause in the village of La Foa before venturing into the great outdoors. Travel across the river gracefully via the passerelle Marguerite, a historical bridge constructed in 1909 by convicts. Meander through the jardin Georges Guillermet, adorned with wooden sculptures crafted by local artists, and savour a rejuvenating coffee break at Le Banu before resuming your adventure on the road!

A picnic on Ouano beach

At the shoreline, kitesurfers gear up for a thrilling glide over the tranquil expanse of the lagoon, while surf enthusiasts set their sights on conquering the waves at the Ouano pass! Nestled amidst mangroves, Ouano Beach offers convenient amenities, including barbecue facilities and tables, perfect for a friendly picnic by the sea. Additionally, camping enthusiasts can enjoy a memorable bivouac experience right on the site.


La Foa - Farino

An enchanting ecotourism destination adorned with rolling hills, lush valleys, and captivating vistas of both the treetops and the lagoon. La Foa offers a variety of activities that unveil the hidden treasures of this scenic region.