Covering an impressive 24,000 km², the archipelago’s much-loved lagoon is a veritable playground for those who enjoy spending time out on the water. Loved by locals and visitors alike, sailing in New Caledonia encompasses some incredibly varied experiences, from outings lasting from just a few hours to voyages lasting several full days. Both experienced and beginner sailors also will be amazed at the countless ways to discover the Pacific Ocean, located off the coast of New Caledonia.

Take a guide sailing in New Caledonia

Looking to see New Caledonia from a brand new point of view? Discover the wonders of the Deep South, the northern lagoon, the Isles of Pines and beyond from the waters that surround them. With plenty of experienced sailing crews happy to guide your next adventure, it’s easy to encounter the beauty and captivating scale of the waters of New Caledonia. Relaxing in the hands of an experienced skipper, it’s a unique opportunity to explore untouched islets and cross paths with dolphins, turtles, dugongs and other inhabitants of the lagoon.

Take the helm

Going sailing in New Caledonia, you’ll have the choice of a variety of watercrafts, from catamarans and yachts to canoes and motorboats. Perfect for cruising, relaxing and discovery, the lagoon can be explored in so many memorable ways. Find an adventure to match your interests and preferred pace, and see what makes this world-renowned waterway so special. Rent a boat in Nouméa or Koumac, or join a chartered tour led by an experienced crew.

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  • Stopover handbook in New Caledonia

    Stopover Handbook in New Caledonia

    To plan your boat trip, consult the Stopover Handbook in New Caledonia which presents a wealth of information perfect for those looking to enjoy a spot of sailing on New Caledonia’s iconic lagoon (anchorage areas, access conditions, marine reserves). Discover unmissable sights scattered across the archipelago, from untouched islands and spectacular stretches of coastline to fantastic diving spots. Learn about the region’s incredible biodiversity, the marine reserves that sit within its waters, and the variety of facilities and services available to visitors and locals alike.

    Ready to set out on your own New Caledonia sailing adventure? View the Stopover Handbook in New Caledonia here.


  •  Navigate with UNESCO on a protected lagoon

    Navigate with UNESCO

    Since 2008, boating on the Caledonian lagoon has taken on another dimension. Recognised as a World Heritage Site, six areas have been added to the prestigious UNESCO list, with the hopes of preserving their beauty and biodiversity for generations to come. As you encounter the Entrecasteaux Reefs, the Great Northern Lagoon, the Ouvéa and Beautemps-Beaupré atolls, the Northeast and Western Coastal Regions and the Great Southern Lagoon, take the time to acknowledge the importance of these sites.

  • In the open ocean

    Explore the open ocean

    Wanting to go further on your next adventure? Whether you choose to take the helm or would rather let an experienced team take the reins, there are plenty of great ways to explore the waters that border the New Caledonian archipelago. Set out on a voyage to a nearby neighbour, such as Vanuatu or Fiji, or embrace the challenge of sailing all the way to Australia or New Zealand. An incredible experience that won’t be forgotten in a hurry, a sailing trip in the South Pacific provides the perfect opportunity to see and experience more of this wonderful corner of the globe.

  • Cruise on the lagoon in New Caledonia

    Top cruises by duration

    • 1 day: Amédée lighthouse or Larégnère and Signal islands (classed as protected marine reserves).
    • 2 days: Mooring at Ouen Island, then setting course for the five islands to the south, returning on the following day by Mato Island.
    • 5 days: Crossing to the bays of Kuto/Kanumera on the Isle of Pines, then visiting Brosse Island and Oro Bay.
    • 7 days: Sail to Prony Bay, mooring at Port Boisé on the southern tip of the Grande Terre, before setting course for Port Bouquet near Thio.
    • 10 days: The Loyalty Islands (Maré, Lifou and Ouvéa) for a total immersion in island life, before returning to Nouméa via the East Coast.

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Day trip at Signal island and snorkeling with turtles.

11 days
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Experience the extraordinary wonders of New Caledonia.

Half day

Play golf around the lagoon of New Caledonia.