Between July and September, during the southern hemisphere winter, New Caledonia is home to humpback whales as they swim back from Antarctica to escape its excessively cold waters and come to rest and give birth in our waters. They are most numerous off the south of the Grand Terre. Come and meet these fascinating sea animals. 

Whales by boat

To appreciate them in all comfort, and above all without disturbing them, take a catamaran to Prony Bay. Departure is from Port Moselle in Nouméa and Prony early in the morning, so as to make the most of a dead calm sea on the lagoon. It is not uncommon to come across some playful dolphins en route. But the magic begins off Prony Bay, where the scenery is magnificent, as the blue Ocean contrasts beautifully with the red south of the Grande Terre and the green vegetation. In these waters, an encounter with humpback whales is almost assured. 

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  • Far from timid whales

    Far from timid whales

    One must get out of Prony Bay for a chance to see them. Whales spring out without warning, sometimes a few dozen meters from the boat. The guidelines are strict: never disturb these animals. But these giants of the sea do what they want, and they are sometimes curious, so they come close, for your enjoyment. A whale makes its huge fin come out, as if to salute you, another one with her little ones observes from afar. This is an absolutely unpredictable spectacle, one in which nature decides to show what it wants. 

  • The Greatest secret of the oceans…

    The Greatest secret of the oceans…

    "When I hear the breath of whales and I perceive them jump afar, I feel my heart melt as if I had just discovered the greatest secret of the oceans. I experience this show every year observing the humpback whales that come to mate in the Caledonian lagoon during the cool season. You know, this sweet freshness at 23 degrees! " Charles, 35, whale whisperer! 

  • seeing whales at prony bay

    The Top packages for seeing whales

    • Learn about the wonders of our ocean with Caledonie Charter
    • An all inclusive weekend package on Casy islet with Aquanature
    • An outing with a meal in a tribe on Ouen Island with Lhooq and Wethy taxis boats from Prony Bay
    • An outing with whales, climb up Cap N'Dua, or hot springs with the Coconut taxi boat
    • Experience the cetaceans with Aïto Charter aboard sailing boat for truly sustainable whalewatching


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