Fly-fishing, deep sea fishing, crab hunting, net casting, catch and release, spear fishing – fishing in New Caledonia is simultaneously a leisure activity, a means of subsistence and a part of local heritage. Embracing both traditional and modern techniques, fishing is part of the DNA of the New Caledonian archipelago.

Fly fishing to get back to nature

Ranked among the top five sites worldwide for fly fishing, New Caledonia is a paradise for those who love the sport. Home to a variety of fish species, fly fisherman travel to New Caledonia in the hopes of luring the huge Bonefish that call the area home. Said to be among the largest found anywhere in the world, the species has certainly earned a reputation of its own. Set out on your own adventure or join a fly fishing tour to discover all the best places to cast your fishing line from those in the know. The northern part of the lagoon is a popular fly fishing spot at low tide, with the hopes of landing a big catch in this scenic corner of the archipelago enough to attract anglers. Plan your trip between mid-April to mid-October to enjoy the best conditions.

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Fishing as you like

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  • Hunting for large ocean fish

    Hunting for large ocean fish

    The joy of luring large fish lies in the tracking, the battle for the catch and the satisfaction of the ocean release at the end. Facing off with marlin, swordfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, loche, trevally (carangue), Dogtooth tuna (thon à dents de chien) and tazar, the thrill of sport and recreational fishing in New Caledonia is easy to experience just off the shore of the lagoon. Abundant in a variety of marine species, the local fishing grounds provide the perfect location for a productive fishing trip. You’ll require different equipment to that used for fly fishing or other traditional forms of fishing, so it’s best to ensure you’re prepared ahead of time.

  • Traditional fishing

    Traditional fishing

    Although fly-fishing and sea fishing are modern forms of the watersport, New Caledonians have been fishing the archipelago’s waters for thousands of years to feed themselves, showcasing impressive technique and control in the process. In particular, crab-fishing requires experience and know-how to return home with an honourable catch without getting your fingers pinched! Net-casting also demands skill and technique - effectively handling a large net folded on your shoulder requires skilful manipulation.

  • Underwater fishing is a true sport

    Underwater fishing is a true sport

    For those who can dive and handle an underwater rifle, New Caledonia is also a wonderful place for a spot of underwater fishing. Head below the surface and admire the natural beauty that surrounds the islands of the archipelago, experiencing the magic of this corner of the globe from a unique angle. Be sure to check with local authorities before you go fishing to ensure that you abide by any applicable size and seasonal regulations.

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